3 Key Steps to Fill Pipeline Gaps During Economic Disruption

VanillaSoft Webinar Hero.jpeg

While today’s tough economic conditions make it challenging to generate new business, there are still time-proven strategies you can use today to fill the gaps in your pipeline. By shifting your resources to digital, reprioritizing your outreach, and sharpening your messaging, you can quadruple the rate at which you turn leads into opportunities. And in our next webinar, we’ve teamed up with Darryl Praill, the CMO of VanillaSoft, to show you how to do just that.

In our webcast, we guide you through:
  • Shifting your marketing investments to hyper-targeted digital campaigns
  • Identifying and prioritizing the accounts that are most likely to buy
  • Using account-based messaging to generate more opportunities
  • The intelligence and tools you’ll need to personalize and prioritize your outreach

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