Although the hype around generative AI is very real, applying it practically in your business strategy is less clear.

Who better to get clarity on this pressing topic than from Numa Dhamani, Principal Machine Learning Engineer at KUNGFU.AI, a management consulting and engineering firm focused exclusively on artificial intelligence.

Join HG Insights' master class to see how to leverage the full potential of AI in your business strategy while navigating common pitfalls around:

  • How to effectively integrate AI in your go-to-market strategy
  • Understanding AI’s capabilities and limitations in business application
  • Integrating AI adoption that aligns with organizational values
  • Real world examples of how to leverage AI across your organization

From decision-making and strategy to departmental application, this master class covers how to future-proof your business with the power of AI, while ensuring practical application and ethical guardrails. 



Numa Dhamani
Principal Machine Learning Engineer

Numa is a natural language processing expert with domain expertise in information warfare, security, and privacy. She’s developed machine learning systems for Fortune 500 companies and social media platforms, served as the Principal Investigator on the United States Department of Defense’s research programs, and supports think tanks and nonprofits with data and AI governance efforts.

Matthew Hogan
VP, Growth Marketing
HG Insights

Serving as Vice President, Growth Marketing at HG Insights, Matt joined the company through the acquisition of Intricately, where he was the Vice President of the sales and customer success teams. Matt’s data-driven mindset and breadth of experience are laser-focused on elevating the performance of Go-To-Market organizations across sales, marketing, and customer success.

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