FY24 GTM Planning Master Class: Reducing Risk with Data-First Decision-Making

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Companies aren’t spending like they were in the past. Headcounts and budgets have been slashed. Yet revenue targets remain the same.

There’s zero margin for inefficiency. And it all starts with your GTM planning.

Join HG Insights as they discuss how to remove the gut feelings and transition to a more scientific approach. You’ll learn how to leverage AI for greater efficiency and put technology intelligence at the heart of your decision-making around:

  • Which markets should you focus on?
  • Which accounts should you prioritize?
  • How should you optimize territories?
  • Where should you allocate sales headcount?
  • Which marketing channels should you invest in?

We hope you’ll join our growth experts as they share proven strategies for building a data-driven Go-To-Market.

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About HG Insights

We use advanced insights into technology intelligence—on installations, spend, and contract details paired with cloud product usage, adoption, and spend—to provide B2B companies with a better way to analyze markets and target prospects. Our customers achieve unprecedented results in their marketing and sales programs thanks to the indexing of billions of unstructured documents each day to produce a detailed census of the technologies companies use to run their businesses.

Meet the Experts.

Barry Magee

VP of Transformation

HG Insights

Former Citrix Director of Business Intelligence and IBM Data Strategy Leader, Barry has architected a series of incredibly efficient, data-driven GTM engines across the industry to identify untapped revenue streams and opportunities and will share his knowledge.

Matthew Hogan

VP, Growth Marketing

HG Insights

Former Intricately VP of Sales and Customer Success, Matt has elevated the performance of Go-To-Market organizations across departments and will cover how to utilize AI for greater efficiency and laser-focus your resources on GTM activities with the biggest impact.

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