The Science Of Selling: Data-Driven Strategies to Acquire and Expand Customer Relationships

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February 27, 2020 at 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern

Is your company part of the 58% of companies that use the same strategies to both acquire new customers and expand existing relationships? If so, you’re ignoring scientific research that shows new and existing customers have radically different buying motivations and criteria for making decisions. To avoid missing out on customer acquisition or expansion revenue, you need a unique, data driven outreach strategy for each group.

In our webcast, we’ll guide you through:
  • Using Technology Intelligence to both acquire and expand customers
  • The psychological differences between current and prospective customers
  • The most effective messaging frameworks for acquisition and expansion campaigns
  • Tools that can help you prioritize, personalize and automate your outreach
Register for our webinar today to see how you can grow your business faster using the latest research to guide your customer engagement strategies! You don’t need to attend the event live (recording will be available later), but if you do, you’ll be eligible for the special offer below!

*Special offer: attend the event live, ask an interesting question and you can win a copy of Tim Riesterer’s and Erik Peterson’s brand new book, The Expansion Sale: 4 Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Your Customers.

The Expansion Sale uses scientific research to explain how the buying psychology of existing customers differs from that of new customers and shows how to adapt your commercial engagement strategies accordingly. It also includes easy-to-apply messaging frameworks for creating and delivering winning conversations for product renewals, communicating price increases, increasing upsells, and apologizing effectively for service failures.


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Justin Kitagawa                                           Tim Riesterer
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