With 2020 just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about your total addressable market (TAM)

Defining it correctly has tremendous implications for managing and growing your entire business. Get it right and you can:

  • Create fairer and more profitable sales territories
  • Find and grow revenue opportunities faster
  • Align and prioritize the efforts of your sales and marketing teams

Get it wrong and you risk being perpetually under or overstaffed, entering markets that don’t make sense, and wasting sales and marketing resources on the wrong opportunities.


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Put TAM in Action for Your Business

Expanding your definition of TAM doesn’t have to be difficult. At HG Insights we offer a comprehensive tech intelligence solution for building your TAM that is based on advanced data science. With our solution, you get unprecedented views into global industries, markets, and companies, allowing you to identify the most valuable opportunities while building strategies to maximize your revenue and accelerate growth.